Carol R & The Crystal Ranch specializes in Hypnosis Services, Reiki Services and Oracle Card Readings

When you book an appointment with Carol R you will be provided with a roadmap to deal with your controversies but also guidance towards the goals you have for your life, too. Together, we look at your situation from a new perspective that can help you renew your understanding of yourself. This includes your awareness, acceptance, results, impairments, longings, maturity, hopes & wellness..
As we work in a Reiki or Hypnosis session our goal will be to assist you to reach a full understanding that helps you increase your capacity for growth. This may be all that is required for you to reach your achievements or bring you peace of mind. We may also go into a deeper exploration, or change, through the use of added skills like hypnotherapy and fortitude production, and in so doing, may help you to completely change your entire paradigm or life experience for the better.

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Hypnosis Services:

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30min Oracle Card Reading


1 Hour Private Reiki Session


3 Private Reiki Sessions


Reiki Classes: Reiki 1, 2, 3


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Additional Classes by Appointment

All Classes $30 per person: